Make healthy yogurts, kefirs, protein shakes, and more with this Probiotic Maker

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what could possibly go wrong


Fortunately, Kefir cultures at room temperature, no heating or refrigeration needed. There you go, that’s $79.99 you can spend on milk.


i use my crockpot

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Allow me to introduce you to my friends pathogens & bacteria. /s

Ehh, nothing wrong with (properly) homemade kefir and yoghurt, but THIS shit is totally unnecessary.

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Yes, Instant Pot here. Sterilize all utensils in IP. I use yeast instead of live culture, add one cup of whole powdered milk to one gallon milk, and brew for 11 hours. Thick Greek-style, with very little free whey.

Is there any way for bacteria to pass through the stomach and actually reach the intestine intact?

Luckily lactobacillus is safe for humans and under the right conditions crowds out any pathogens, and is perfect for fermenting both milk and cabbage.

But please, not at the same time. Yoghurt sauerkraut- just say “errrrrk.”

Why are you selling this crap?

For my fellow mutants may I suggest buying kefir grains and putting them in a mason jar with milk. Wait 36-48 hours, then strain the grains out, and put the kefir cultured milk into the fridge for a day. Blend the cultured milk with frozen blue berries or strawberries for a nice fruit probiotic yogurt smoothies. (Add some local honey to make it even better).

For keeping kefir warm enough I place it next to my fermenting kombucha which is wrapped in a heating pad (the one I’m using)

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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