Good deal on yogurt maker with seven glass jars

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What link below? The recipe link?

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Sorry. I need 8 jars.


I wonder if the machine-made yogurt is less expensive than the store-bought kind? I wonder what’s the cost of the machine divided by the price difference? I wonder how much yogurt you have to eat to break even, and how long that would take? I assume a yogurt machine depreciates over three years.

What does the machine actually do? I thought yoghurt was just fermented dairy stuff?

It has a button so I guess you press it and it orders Yogurt from Amazon and Mark gets a cut.

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Yogurt makers are incubators for the culture. The first step is deactivating enzymes by bringing it up to a 180°F/82°C, then you cool it and add the culture to the cooled milk.

I use my instapot to make 2-4 quarts at a time with mixed results, sometimes perfect sometimes runny. My parents had something like this back in the 70s. I had a great cheap one that I used in the 80s that did a quart at a time. You can get the culture from any real yogurt, the ones with sugar/fruit have been killed or they would ferment the sugar in the yogurt. I found that out when I put fruit into yogurt and left it in the fridge a couple of days.

I don’t see a link either.

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I use our crockpot - one great big bucket o’ yum.

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Kefir. No machine required. Let the bugs do the work.

This appears to be the Gourmia GYM1620. The 7 jar model can be found online for around $22 and the 12 jar model GYM1710 will run you about $25 and around $30 for the GYM1720 which includes a timer and LCD display.

It’s really just a box that holds a certain temp. It should last a good while.

It’s not really machine made but yes, it is less expensive by about half

after 31.5 7oz jars, it should have completely paid for itself.

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I had this same machine, but it had the name brand name of Dash and it was WAAAAYYY less expensive! I currently have the instant pot for making yogurt. I have yet to use it for making yogurt, but I think it will work find giving me the ability to have as many jars as I want.

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