Lalah the cat is a master of the climbing wall


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a climbing cat… the wonders never cease…

(sorry, haven’t had enough coffee yet this a.m.)


Cats gotta climb.



Oh great, now my cat is demanding one of those.


行きました! Very cool


a tortie, naturally. : )


Dang! Now I am very inspired to accomplish my own desire!


That cat is better at it than me. Need me one of them tails.


My tortie was climbing trees at this age, but for some reason not a master of climbing down. After several incidents of her calling to me from the rooftop in the middle of the night, I made the decision for her to be an indoor cat.
She lived to be 18, and it really was sad to see her when arthritis set in. I even built her a staircase out of boxes so she could get on the bed.

Get your climb on, Lalah, before you get old!


They installed a climbing wall in our local pool recently. I’d never been on one before, but it’s a lot of fun.


That’s for the deep water soloing brigade:

Really weird when you’re seakayaking in Dorset, then suddenly there’s a dude freeclimbing above the rock arch you’re about to go through…


Oh wow, nice. So it’s a bouldering wall? No top-roping i mean so if you fall off you fall in the pool? They do something similar for the deep water solo competitions (edit: already mentioned above). This one doesn’t look like a very interesting climb though; a bit too easy if you got a modicum of experience.


“Well, you should’ve thought of that 30 million years ago before you apes decided to give it up.” ~ Old World Monkeys


I think retractable claws have a lot to do with it too.



Any more excuses?


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