Land a job as a flight attendant for Area 51's airline!

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This is just calling out for a TV script…


I wonder if they serve free liquor



If you thought the anal probes were invasive just wait until you see the latest TSA screening procedures.


If the benefits do not include a guarantee that nobody in your family will be abducted or experimented on by UFOs, then don’t take the job.


Bet they see some crazy shit out the window.


I would imagine the total compensation package includes hefty payments from the weekly world news for leaking details.

Might be worth it.


That’s assuming the windows aren’t blacked out or in-flight rules aren’t “window shades down or you’re going to jail.”

I suppose the pilots get to see some crazy things, though.


Last month, I had a tour guide at the Grand Canyon… guy was a nut job… on drive back to Flagstaff, he starting going on about the stuff he sees on The Strip (lives in Vegas) … said he sees ‘people’ covered head to toe… and they don’t seem to mind the heat, unlike all the mascot performers and such you see there… “They aren’t human” I asked him if he was talking about women wearing burkas, because you know… racism .

His theory was that these are aliens who live at Area 51, and they take the jet to Vegas, then mingle unnoticed among the crowds. Never see them take off their coverings, and they don’t move properly.

This is on a dark highway, and he’s telling the shuttle full of people all this (already was labeled as a kook for earlier actions).

I said why not get a thermal camera and get a reading off of them. If there’s a cooling suit under the coverings, it might show up. He seemed pretty enthused about that plan.

I still think he was looking at perhaps tall women in burkas… but some people see what they want.

He questioned why the planes landed at the airport in town, and not some isolated spot, if Area 51 is so secretive. Perhaps a string of commuters every day along an isolated road to an isolated airstrip is a bit obvious and easy to snatch workers, but those who drive to a multi-use terminal are a bit more generic and harder to pick out?

In any case, whack job… worst tour guide I’ve ever had. Glad the alien stuff came out at the very end of a long, long day.


Must be level-headed and clear thinking while handling unusual incidents


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Given the regular news stories, this ought to be stressed more in ALL flight attendant jobs methinks.


This is so cool! :sunglasses:

I would be afraid that the passengers might take liberties with the flight attendants, who would probably face some kind of national secrecy act violation for reporting it.

I want to hear the mandatory safety presentation before the flight.

“In the event of a crash, the agency will disavow any knowledge of your existence…”


They have to fly blindfolded!

The US defense contractor AECOM is known to operate a mysterious, classified airline called Janet


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