LAPD tactical Christmas stockings


This is perfect for the replica John Pike mace canister I bought the wife for Christmas!

Everything else is militarized these days so why the heck not!

From the comments on the product page. Kate, NH 5 Star verified buyer, says:

Best thing EVER
every freakin’ stitch
if you’re jewish

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Isn’t an LAPD Christmas Stocking a black motorist who can be pulled over and asset-forfeitured?

BTW, “Los Angeles Police Gear”, the company selling this item, is not associated with the LAPD. They’re a private company, located just outside of Valencia, CA, in the Santa Clarita Valley north of LA.

But do carry on. As an LA resident for a third of a century who’s had more than a little contact with the LAPD over the years, I’m always interested in seeing what others have to say about them.

I find that much more disturbing to look at than Santa The Hutt.

Like. The perfect wrapper for an Xmas care package sent to the troops. Or, your fave deer-hunting fanatic 'neck uncle. Or, that amateur drone-lover kid.

MUST they be an LAPD thing? That’s like…using Xmas to celebrate the birth of Mark Fuhrman or something.

I’m not remotely macho nor a fan of militarism in the slightest, but have always loved military stuff. It just has an appealingly functional aesthetic to me. If I was a kid again, and had to select a Christmas stocking, this would be the one.

Hmm. Maybe they will be used in the War on Christmas™. Does Fox News know about these?


This actually looks like my husband’s taste. About half his bags and pants have this look; some of it is a functional thing for various activities he is into but mostly he has the taste of a 5 year old boy. My bedroom is bedecked with both paramilitary gear and many many many teddy bears. Some of the teddy bears wear paramilitary gear.

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