LAPD warns burglars are disabling cheap surveillance cameras

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:rofl: Jamming wifi would set off so many alerts on my LAN monitor app.


What’s that? Wi-fi based security systems aren’t secure?

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Remember when you could just point a bright light at a camera to blind it?


Most WiFi cameras also have local recording to an (optional) internal MicroSD card. So if your system doesn’t alert you it’s lost communication, you can still have all the proof you need, including identifying the perpetrators.


How are the remote cameras connected, exactly? I’m not familiar with the brands mentioned, but in an Arlo system I was involved with setting up, the cameras are wireless and talk to a base station, which is hardwired via ethernet. Are the jammers able to disturb the communication between the camera and base station, and is that connection considered ‘wifi’? The base station does have a USB drive which captures everything locally, then when full, overrides the oldest clips, as it should.

The other part that LAPD is leaving out is that they don’t care about video capture anyway. After all, the cameras don’t prevent theft or vandalism, they only help you identify the perpetrator after the fact.

I have to be a little vague about the following because there’s still ongoing activity. However, when there was a crime, LAPD didn’t even want to see video that covered the ingress/exit of the area with clearly visible individuals. They were totally uninterested. They made it clear that if it came to a trial, video would be helpful in a conviction, but they weren’t even going to bother seeing if the people involved in the crime were known to them. They made negative comments about people who chose to live in the neighborhood, shrugged, and drove off.

Maybe it would have been different if it had been a murder or happened on a corporate-owned property.


For some definitions of “most”.

This is why we’ve resorted to booby traps here.
Don’t worry, there are signs, so they know what they’re getting into.

I hope you are joking.

If anyone is harmed by a your booby trap regardless of your signage you will be held responsible.

Try and break into my house or harm my people and you’ll find out, bro.

Ugh, yes, obviously I’m joking. :roll_eyes:I post here all the time and wouldn’t hurt a fly.


My house isn’t booby trapped. But if a burglar breaks in, trips on a squeaky toy, and then gets mortally licked by the two small puppies, that’s on them.


And, I’ll add, it is rather ridiculous that in this country it’s illegal to booby trap your home, but it’s totally fine to shoot someone in the driveway or on the porch if they “look wrong.”
What a country. SMDH.


On the other hand your trained attack flies might hurt someone.


Lay down some LEGO, but post warning signs.



Great - now my mental image of you has been shattered. :crying_cat_face:

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Does it help if I promise to hurt you if you break into my house?

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Whew. I can rest easy again. Thank you!

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