Larp Trek?

Has anyone else read Larp Trek, which is basically the crew of TNG running a Role Playing game of DS9? I’m finding it surprisingly funny…

Geordi as DM, Troi as Quark, Riker as Bashir, Picard as Sisko, Data as Kira, Wes as Odo AND Jake, Crusher as Dax, Worf as Garak, Keiko as Miles and Miles as Keiko!


I am reading it now…


It’s killing me… especially the meta commentary on some of the loopholes in DS9’s first season or so. Good stuff!

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Also, make sure you read the commentary and the hoverovers! I’m having to go back, because I missed them!

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I just wish it wasn’t so… slow… to… load! :slight_smile:


I know, me too. Worth the time, though!

Sort of related (kind of… it’s about TNG, at least):

It’s moments like this when I miss action abe the most!

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