Larry the Bird Man makes sure the pigeons of NYC are loved and cared for

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This is a wonderful thing and made me smile. He seems like a great guy.


… that sounds like a lot of pigeons

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I will say baby pigeons are kinda freaky looking.

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You make them look almost cute

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“Two guys murdered my wife and kid so I chopped their heads off with a steak knife.”

Pigeons invaded my balcony over the summer to make a nest in an empty flower pot.

After the surviving baby flew the coop, there was so much poop to clean.

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Yeah, I stopped watching after that line. By the way, I have a band called Ratten Met Vleugels (“rats with wings” in Dutch) that I’m trying to get back together again these days. We play mostly original songs that display a rather dark sense of humour.


The way he said it so casually, i was like ok thats why hes on the streets…

How would you react if someone killed your wife and kids?

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In the last few years I’ve really come around on pigeons and now find them low-key delightful. This guy is probably me in 10 years, apart from the prison bit.

(the steak knife thing sounds like a lie to cover up something sadder, but then you don’t get 20ish years for jaywalking either)

I definitely wouldn’t react by decapitating anyone. But I’ve had the privilege of growing up in an environment where violence was extremely rare and where the justice system mostly works for people like me. I obviously don’t know much about Larry, but suspect his situation at the time of those events is quite different from mine.

Regardless, it sounds like he served his time, and if he actually is a happy person today (which appears to be the case from the video, but again I know nothing about the guy’s life beyond this video), more power to him for bouncing back from such a horrible series of events.

I hope with all of my heart not to ever know.
But probably not with murder.
I am not the killing type.

I shot some photos of Larry in 2012 on a trip to NYC. We chatted for a bit and then Gary Dell’Abate (aka “Baba Booey” from the Howard Stern Show) showed up and posed with pigeons too.

Yes, by all means; all 300 million+ of us are bloodthirsty hooligans who all deserve whatever shitty circumstances befall us, and everywhere else on the planet is far superior to the cesspool that we call a country.

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We probably deserve what we get, especially the children, whose number one cause of death right now is gun violence… we’re only Americans, after all…/s

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If you have been keeping up with the Mass Shootings thread, you may find that this is not exclusively an American thing. Seems to be metastasizing to other countries, including some very surprising ones (to me, anyway.) The rising violence and lack of respect for others is a global issue, accompanying the rise of fascism (linked inescapably to vigilantism.)

Stop, Doc; you’re ruining all the smug virtue signaling!

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