Larry "Wide Stance" Craig busted (again)


The Party of “Family Values” hits the skids again!

I’m sure the Kock Bros. have kept him on their Christmas card list…

PS. No pun intended.


Legal Fees Stemming From the “Guilty Plea” Were Related to My Official Senate Doodies.

seems legit.


See? See? Those unelected bureaucrats are totally persecuting poor Republicans! And who elected them, anyway? Nobody, that’s who!

White men just can’t catch a break.


He should never have been charged in the first place. I think he’s basically a scumbag for his political views and actions, but the who bathroom bust thing is bullshit. Tapping your foot and having your legs far apart to take a shit all seem completely plausible.


I Did Not Understand the Meaning of a “Guilty Plea”

If you don’t understand one of the most basic concepts in the legal system, which even an average four-year-old can comprehend, you have no business being involved in the lawmaking process at any level.


I was just thinking about him last week when I realized that my foot was completely over the divider and under the next urinal.

I’ve been trying to narrow my stance ever since.

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I’m more surprised that the Federal Elections Commission is doing…anything.


Uh huh. So what about the hand signals?

According to the Airport Police Department report by Sgt. Dave Karsnia, Craig, 62, appeared versed in the subtle signs of seeking a stall assignation, from under-the-divider hand motions to some furtive footsie.



Man goes into a restroom stall and is settling in when a voice in the next stall says “Hello”"
So the guy says “Uh, Hello?”
Voice in the next stall says “Hey, how you doing?”
The guy says "Um, OK how are you?
Voice in the next stall says “Hey I’ll call you back, some wierdo in the next stall is talking to me.”


I guess I’m split between having no good faith in cops testimony and not believing that having a cop sitting on a toilet making an average of 60k a year is a good use of resources.

To be fair, he didn’t actually sit on the toilet for the entire year.


It’s not exactly romantic to make offers of sex in a public toilet, but the fact that it is illegal is a very weird exception to protected speech.

Absent any coercion or nuisance, I can’t see the problem. Obviously it wouldn’t even have come up if the poor guy had felt able to be open about his enjoyment of casual homosexual encounters and pursue them in a better venue.

Embezzling funds to pay for his legal defence, that’s much more objectionable.


As political sewer behavior goes, this one has an an uncommonly persistent stench to be still clogging up the pipes of law enforcement. I thought this - along with Mr. Craig’s career – had all been …uh…flushed away long ago.

Not that I really give a shit.

OK…I’ll stop now.


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