LA's late Sunset Strip Tower Records store returns for one night only

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I’ll be there with all my audiophile friends, I’ll be the one with the funny hat.


Oh man. I spent many nights there listening to CDs because I was too broke to do anything else. Good times.

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So the guy who owns the property couldn’t sell or demolish the site for NINE YEARS and counting? How does that even happen?

I wish the Tower Records just a few blocks from where I work would also return, even if for just one night, but, alas, the building that dated from 1929 was knocked down and a ginormous luxury hotel built in its place.

The exact spot where Tower Records was is the hotel restaurant, or at least would be. It seems the owners have trouble filling that space. I’d suggest they try putting in a music store.

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FWIW, I think the photo is the one in SF on Bay and Columbus… I remember because it was the last record store I ever walked into.

It’s the one on the Sunset Strip, LA. It’s been unused since Tower closed or used for random pop-up shit an art installations, some events from time to time (like the screening of the documentary).


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