Last chance to save Net Neutrality


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why is no one organizing a blackout over this? something needs to be done to make people take it seriously.


That’s a spectacularly moody header graphic.

In before “what about the CDNz?”


Wasn’t the address
Filings in Last 30 Days

		Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet

Once again I’m getting:
Server not found

I would like to sign a petition, but I do not want to be on a mailing list for doing it. Is there an alternative?


Who are these people? Most campaign websites have an “About Us” that explains what groups are working together to lead this, etc, but not this one. They’ve even masked their identity in their whois info. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen an activist petition like this that didn’t let you opt out of being put on a mailing list. Noble cause, but I don’t get a good feeling about this particular website.

''I hear you want faster internet. Well, do I have a deal for you. Try out Comcast’s new HyperMegaUltraSpeed™ internet for free for the first 2 months*"

*$99.95/mo. after trial period, 36 month commitment required.


Ditto. I do not want to be put on a mailing list. I apparently cannot submit my comment unless I also let the website use my Facebook or Twitter account to publicize their little scheme. This reeks.

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I also take issue with their auto-filled “message” that the public are supposed to endorse - the wording is not something I can get behind, despite being an advocate of net-neutrality.

I, too, would like an alternative.

Why are you linking to this weird site that’s promising to email us again about other issues when all we’re trying to talk about is this one? Instead, everyone just go to the source, the FCC themselves, and submit your comment. It’s here:
Proceeding number 14-28 is the one we have issue with (please correct me if I’m wrong and that was last week’s) and you want to say something like
Im writing to urge Chairman Wheeler to scrap the FCC’s plan to allow internet service providers to charge for preferential treatment.
These rules would destroy Net Neutrality. I urge the chairman to throw them out and instead reclassify broadband as a telecommunication service. This is the only way to restore real Net Neutrality.


And yet again…

Server not found

Both links load fine for me, sounds like PEBCAK or your ISP doesn’t want you talking to the FCC. :smiley:

Weird. Could it be a Firefox thing? I guess I could tolerate IE long enough to test.

making the rounds:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Gotta love the guys in the “Retention” department.

The customer had the patience and composure of a saint.

Paradoxically, I am left feeling a small (very small) measure of pity for the Comcast rep. That job has to be a real soul-sucker. I can’t imagine staying in a job like that unless I had absolutely no other choice.


“The Customer” is THE Ryan Block, of Engadget. Co-conspirator of Veronica, of Sword and Laser fame.

edit: Xeni has posted an FPP on this.


Scalia said that religious corporations don’t have to deal with reproductive rights and now Wheaton College is refusing to complete a 5 question form to become exempt; they refuse to even acknowledge the issue as talking about it violates their religious rights.

So, imagine if any ISP controlled by a small family refuses to acknowledge this and they block access to sites where it is discussed.  Scalia said it is okay and revoking Net Neutrality would make it doubly okay.   I wonder what percentage of family control is required to invoke the religious exception?  The Dolans control Cablevision - how much of it do they own?  Would they foist their views onto their clients?

More ramblings in my defective logic if anybody cares: .  Hopefully someone smarter than me says it cannot happen.

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I wrote requesting a policy of Local Loop Unbundling. We need real competition among service providers in order to rectify this problem. Net Neutrality is just a band-aid on a gaping wound.

You can go directly to the FCC website and write your own comment.

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You can file by email sent to

I just did and got an almost immediate confirmation email back.