Last Week Tonight on prisons baking their inmates

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As long as right-wingers have the influence they do in this country, the average summer temperature will continue to rise and the cruelty will continue to be the point.


Man, it’s one extreme or another. Are there any prisons that actually detain people at humane temperatures?


Not a lot of support in Texas for keeping criminals cool.




Anyone who expects Texas government (at any level: state, county, or municipal) to behave in a humane, rational manner had better get used to disappointment.

Oh, there are outliers, such as the occasional D.A. who refuses to prosecute poor people who shoplift diapers and baby formula, but on the whole, as stated above, the cruelty is the point.


Heat = Violence. I am sure this policy has far reaching effects past health and comfort.


Yet something tells me that if, say, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is convicted of the felony fraud charges he’s currently facing he probably won’t be sent to a facility where he is baked alive.

The “Law and Order” crowd are surprisingly blasé about upholding the actual law.


The answers given by the … person… in the excerpts (“That’s speculation, I don’t know if she had a heart attack.” as well as the other "I don’t know"s) show they had either experience, or a good lawyer who trained them.

It’s terrible, especially in this instance, to watch. But effective. :frowning:


The obscene swine giving it’s well trained “I do not know” answers would need no training to give it’s good Nazi response “I was only following orders”. That exchange is a classic demonstration of a soul dead sack of meat. I could only imagine it showing emotion when it was sitting with like minded swine laughing their asses off at the performance displayed in the interview. The only other circumstance that might cause it to react would be the presentation of a signed MAGA cap from the godpig itself. In that scenario I can well imagine a slavering, crotch-groping smile of adoration.


Next couple weeks look real real bad.


At the state level, sure, it is run by sadistic shitheels. Texas is gerrymandered from hell to breakfast,
The largest counties are blue, even though the makeup of the Politboro doesn’t reflect that.
Like anywhere else, YMMV, depending on location.

Those ‘outliers’ make up over half the population of the state.

Several years ago, the Harris County D.A. made it known that they would no longer criminally prosecute possession of small amounts of weed.

There’s also the Prison Industrial Complex to consider. In some small towns, the State Prison is the largest employer & the only thing keeping the town afloat.
But yeah, there are lots of Fascist Death Cultists here.


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