Texas prison inmate allergic to wool has been trying to get a cotton blanket for 10 years

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Because the prison industrial complex is very attractive to psychopaths, because psychopaths react the same to practicing cruelty as addicts do to a shot of cocaine.


My mom has a severe wool allergy, even pushing my wool coat aside to get her own coat causes a red itchy rash. Using a wool blanket would be torture for her. She would have sores over her entire body, even through a cotton sheet.


A cotton blanket might have to washed separately from the wool ones, but don’t the inmates do the laundry anyway?


It would be interesting to see how much money the State of Texas is spending to fight this lawsuit instead of paying out the 15 bucks for a blanket.


The truth is that our prisons are not designed for rehabilitation. They are designed for punishment. This keeps recidivism high and the prison industry in the black.
This is why prison rape is expected and a joke in our society. We, as a nation, have decided that harming prisoners is normal and customary.


A fleece blanket could be washed with the wool ones, and would be more durable and warm than a cotton blanket. Problem solved.

Oh, wait, I forgot: they don’t WANT to solve the problem. Treating an inmate as if they were a human being? What was I thinking?


America: Keeping the black people in the prisons and the prisons in the black.


Indeed. Many outspoken conservatives loudly proclaim that they want ‘evildoers’ to suffer. They also assume that everyone who is charged is guilty.


There aren’t enough psychopaths to staff the prisons. It’d be comforting to think it’s just The Evil People (and some are about, surely) but I think the prison system is so thoroughly dehumanizing and wrong that it breaks inmate and guard alike. The guards, after all, by stern necessity of corporate profit and state austerity, are drawn from the same immiserated pool as the prisoners themselves. If you have the misfortune of being born poor in the United States the prison system has you coming and going. The system’s evil, twice.

So, yeah, he can’t have a cotton blanket because instead of a penal system the US has a self-perpetuating nightmare factory and he’s trapped in the middle of it and so’s everyone in this sordid tale.

I hope he gets some relief, but I hold out remarkably little hope.


Cruel and unusual punishment aka America.

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It’s hard to understand why prison officials would be so opposed to granting a man’s simple request of a cotton blanket

Weaver is serving a life sentence for aggravated sexual assault of a child in 1993. TDCJ is obviously taking it upon themselves to aggravate the sentence.

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don’t you get it? that’s the entire point. Much better to give money to lawyers since they keep the prison population on the up and up.

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Do you think he would be allowed to keep a blanket if someone were to send him one? Asking for a friend.

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