Laura Ingraham displays same level of memory loss as Marjorie Taylor Greene (video)

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those assbags know damn well hoarding happened at the beginning of the pandemic. it doesn’t matter that we call them out because they don’t care. at this point everyone knows their attacks are not based in reality.



Its almost as if they’re arguing in favor of government controlling private companies to ensure production, which sounds shockingly similar to (creepy old man voice) socialism!

Are they finally willing to admit the limits and dangers of a purely capitalist society??


Former Bush spokesperson Dana Perino in 2010: “We did not have a terrorist attack on our country under president Bush.”


Absolutely. It’s a profoundly transparent propagandist realignment of truth. They know that their doublethink audience is not only conditioned to, but actively searching for devices that will allow them to memory hole any facts that would run contrary to today’s narrative.

I hate giving him credit for anything, but trump is a master at this; capturing the zeitgeist as it turns against him and immediately inverting it before it catches hold. “Fake News”, “Putin’s Puppet” and “Big Lie” are prime examples. The fact that his attempt at warping the “Big Lie” narrative from his direct election interference into the idea that the election was fraudulent has largely failed in the media just speaks to how important his twitter ban is. He’s had a very difficult time controlling the narrative now that every journalist’s first move in the morning isn’t breathlessly interpreting every 3 am post he shat out.


I blame the Jewish space lasers for this epidemic of dementia sweeping the American right’s leadership.


I’m trying to make this A Thing, because it is A Thing.

Republicans Murder Language.


I was wondering if it was Long COVID, but of course COVID is a hoax and Jewish space lasers are real, so you’re probably right.


She, along with multitudes of other GQP mouthpieces, is just gross.

Texas making it illegal for social media companies to not serve Texas sounds like socialism to me

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