Watch: "Out of Her Mind" Marjorie Taylor Greene song sums up her demented thinking

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She is not crazy. She is a soulless grifter.

The Republican party cannot censure her because doing so would be to censure grifting, that is to say “Republicanism”, itself.



Qiuliani? Now it all makes sense!


I’m always gormlessly curious as to the degree these spouters of foul ‘q-nonsense’ actually believe their own lies. Yes, it doesn’t really matter if repGreene really thinks that the California wildfires were the result of Jewish banker space laser weapons or that’s just a lie to be told; but yet it would still help to categorize the hierarchy in the political loony bin. Can trump still distinguish a doorknob from a lie?



I wish even boing boing would just stop using her name. sigh


Agree. This infatuation with her puerility is the same action that propelled Trump to power. All the right needs for a hero is for them to be loathed by the left.


She is already IN power, though. We ignore what she does while in office at our peril.




I would not suggest to ignore that asshole. I would just like that everyone around would stop to use that asshole’s name. She’s the perpetrator, not the victim. Remind me of the victims names any day, but just refuse to name her.

Suggestion: “that fascist Republican representative of Northwestern Georgia”. No need to name her. If you want, just call her the neofascist-in-residence, the senate’s open fascist, or even just the republican asshat. Just don’t give her the pleasure of free SEO and seeing her name, AND spare me reading it.

I use Osama bin Karen, you’re welcome to use too…


By all means, hold her to account and spotlight her ignorance – but perhaps tone down all the pop-culture cachet of having Bette Midler, Randy Rainbow, Stephen Colbert, sing about her six times daily. She doesn’t deserve to be a cult hero to the right, she deserves to exorcised and ostracized.

Perhaps I’m just old, but I’m already tired of this spudge of a human. But then again, I do love Randy Rainbow sing, so…

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But unfortunately, ignoring someone like this often just lets what they represent fester. We did this for years with the far right, and here is where we are, dealing with these people dominating one of our major political parties. They were ignored, because they largely only posed a real threat to already marginalized people in America, not to the power structure and to people with enough privilege to not be targeted victims of these groups.

Or put differently - you can’t get rid of this without shining a light on it, I’m afraid.


There’s a good reason for the satire and mocking tone of most things about her, I get that, but I think we’ve moved beyond any point that her situation is “funny”. It’s really too grave to be funny. These are Nazis in the United States government promoting a new, fascist government, by any means necessary.

Republicans should be as worried about people like her, if not more worried. It’s their positions these people will want first. Why this person isn’t in jail confounds me.

I agree. But we can do both… think The Great Dictator, for example.

The ones that are and say that they are seem to be getting pushed out of their party.

She has not been charged with or convicted of a crime at this point, so that’s why. Her white privilege protects her.


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