Laura Kampf turns an I-beam into a yakitori grill

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Thanks for the post. I checked her YT feed, and there is a lot to check out for me.

I have the nagging feeling she’s familiar. Wonder if I mehr her at some point…

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I don’t know if you watch Tested on YT but Adam had her on there a while back and they collaborated on making an silly bottle opener. But yeah she’s a very affable maker and i love her vids.


I duckducked her. I actually might have met her, since I’ve got family in Cologne, but it’s more likely I saw her on Kika or in Die Sendung mit der Maus.

(But for some reason I didn’t connect face and voice with making, or any form of video I watched.)

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That I-beam looks like galvanized steel to me. The maximum recommended temp for galvanized steel is 200C. Somewhat north of that – which a grill is definitely going to reach – it’s going to start off-gassing some extremely toxic zinc fumes – into your food. I’m not sure that the “Thermo Spray” is going to block those fumes from escaping…

When doing a project like this, you should always check the food safety of your materials, at temperature, before you start.



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When you want to have a BBQ, but you brought the wrong eye-beam…

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Technically a wide-flange column, not an I-beam.

That’s hot.

Seriously. Be careful when you touch it.

Yeah, maybe form a silicone base for it?

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I love Laura Kampfs constantly up cycling. She said she may of made 30+ BBQ/Grills. My dream is to crack a great German beer and be at one of her cookouts! Cheers!


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