This guy is grilling meat inside of a filing cabinet


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Exactly my thoughts on seeing the headline


Fortunately, it is only poisonous, not venomous.


It’s usually a good idea to know what kind of metal you’re heating up, never mind grilling with it. Like, is it galvanized with zinc?


I pretty sure the metal in that cabinet won’t release anything toxic, pretty sure.


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Depends what kind of smoking you are doing. For cold smoking which this appears to be the cabinet will not get hot enough to even blister the paint let alone release any toxic metals.

I have something similar in my back yard and have produced smoked salmon, cheese and nuts many times without poisoning myself or any friends (so far…)


The guy in the video isn’t smoking, he’s grilling. With charcoal.


Smoking is done at 225 F. The paint will be fine.

In the first and thirds videos they are in fact, not grilling. Grilling is a direct high heat intended to cook meat quickly. He is smoking with charcoal just like I do (though I use a smoker). Charcoal is just a heat source and not indicative of a cooking style. It’s very easy to keep charcoal at a low temp by limiting air intake and exhaust. You can smoke meat with charcoal in a cardboard box for chrissake.

That happens at soldering temps and above. Not at the 225 F a smoker runs at.


Eh, probably melt off most of the toxic stuff after one or two uses. Just give away the first few batches.

Not that charcoal and wood smoke don’t also introduce some bad things. Everything in moderation, a little won’t kill you.


I want to see Ms Yeah’s version of this. She’s already done charcoal cooking in an office flowerpot, so a filing cabinet seems not that big a step.

And no, I have no idea when she gets her actual work done either.


I was thinking the same. The only possible “safe” scenario is if the paint used only reacts at a certain temp that is higher than what the smoker is maintained at. Normally you smoke under 300 in the 200-250 range. And cold smoking is down at 150. So if the paint won’t react until say 400-500, you’d be safe.

I wouldn’t want to risk it though.


Except the flower pot is plain ordinary clay. so cooking in it is probably no different than cooking in a big green egg.


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Nah, the paint will flake off the interior and sweeten your meat. It’s not really a vapor issue so much as a gravity and ash issue. I’d also be a little concerned about the quality and varieties of metals and lubricants in the sliding drawer mechanisms.

Will it kill you, nope. Would it be unwise to feed kids with this thing, yep.

(for the record, am toxicologist, but not a doctor!)


I cook in a clay pot on the regular. Poor mans smoker. Unglazed.


isn’t the filing cabinet’s paint toxic?

That’s the Mesquite.


Very important point there.


Going to take a different tack here. The filing cabinet doesn’t hold enough meat. A standard metal box smoker like a cheap Masterbuilt will hold about twice as much meat. If it were the same size as the filing cabinet, it would hold 4 times as much meat.


Yeah, you wouldn’t want to find out that there was lead, or uranium in the glaze.