Lauren Bacall on the Dame Edna show


How have I ever survived without The Dame Edna Experience!?!
Life just got a WHOLE lot more livable…


Awesome dame and at what a change to see her riffing with someone of an equal wit. Good find.

This was an awesome programme - it was revolutionary when it came out because until then all chat shows had been so reverential to their guests. Dame Edna put a depth charge under that. Not to mention the marvellous Madge the Badge.

I wonder how many Hollywood agents blithely booked their charges on the show without doing the necessary research only to see the great and the good demolished. Graham Norton did something similar when he started on Channel 4 and I suspect a lot of agents got fired the next day after they were gleefully humiliated on telly.


The greatest ‘I am not only gonna sack my agent, I’m going to FUCKING KILL THEM’ face, is Larry Hagman vs. Vic & Bob:


Dame Edna is impossibly funny. I recently read the controversy section on the character’s page on Wikipedia:

“I’m not racist. I love all races, particularly white people.”
^This is Triple-A Platinum Grade trolling.

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