Barry Humphries, famed as Dame Edna, dead at 89

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I mean, he was also something of a transphobe - which is weird for a guy who had an alternate drag persona - and he was also responsible for one of the few evenings out I have ever had where I was worried that I had injured myself through laughing too much.


That’s sad, but I guess we’ve still got Sir Les Patterson to help us though this time of mourning… wait, what! :scream::scream:

That’s a shame, and, as you said, weird.


I never really found Dame Edna that funny.

And I utterly loathed Sir Les!

That’s about what I expect from the BBC now. They are intent on flushing their reputation down the toilet in the name of transphobia.

Maybe in ten years time we will recover the remains of the BBC from a fatberg in a sewer somewhere.

As for Barry Humphries, he was an influence on many drag queens over the years, whether he liked that or not. I’d rather choose to remember him for that at the moment.


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