Dame Edna's self-penned obituary pokes at 'would-be comedian' Barry Humphries

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“ Humphries’ Anti-Trans Views

This followed the controversy over Humphries’ well-publicised transphobic views. In a 2018 interview with Spectatormagazine, Humphries claimed that being transgender was “a fashion” and praised former US President Donald Trump.

“How many different kinds of lavatory can you have? And it’s pretty evil when it’s preached to children by crazy teachers,” Humphries said in the interview. Two years before the interview, in 2016 Humphries termed gender affirmation surgery “self-mutilation”.”

That dude was a laugh riot.


I’ve considered writing my own obituary after having to write a few the past few years. It’s torturous and everyone has an opinion on what needs to be included in the handful of words. There was a comedian, I don’t recall which, who said that no one fact checks it so it would be fun to simply lie. I think that would be kinda fun. I mean, after acknowledging the serious stuff, family and friends, just drop a line at the end like “and he invented the flavor ‘green’” or some other such nonsense.


That last dig at it being printed in the Daily Telegraph? Ahahaha that’s not actually a joke.

The Tele is a Murdoch tabloid; the worst kind of grubby lowest-common-denominator yellow Murdoch rag, on a par with the New York Post and The Sun in England.

If you’re looking for the Daily Hate on whoever is the designated enemy of the day (transfolk, LGBTI+ generally, immigrants, Muslims, Communists, Antifa, Green M&Ms, the Green Party, aboriginals, left-handed people, whatever Sky News After Dark has a hate-on for today), you’ll find it in the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, and the Herald-Sun in Melbourne.

And in The Australian (doing its best to be our version of the New York Times or the Washington Post) you’ll find all the far-right think-tanks giving long opinion pieces and analysis about why Those People really do need to be crushed and eliminated for the good of Western Civilisation, to put the pseudo-rationalisation on the whole thing. With the occasional milquetoast “counterpoint” piece put up there to be ritually shot down and mocked in the comments and Letters page.


And for those that either don’t (or can’t) see the image posted on twitter, or want to give clicks to The Daily Telegraph, I took that bullet for you:

“Barry Humphries was an unknown aspiring actor and would-be comedian when I first met him in the early 1950s. It is true that he put me on stage for the first time in December 1955, but it was in order to belittle me and get cheap laughs at my expense and ridicule the great Australian way of life.
How the tables were turned! I became the star and he merely a footnote to my spectacular career. His tragedy was his desire to be an artist and we know what happens to failed artists- Hitler, for example - they either become interior decorators or mass murderers. Barry was spared this fate. He became rich due to my efforts and signed me up to a contract that bound me for life.
He had a lovely family and my heart does out to them as well as to his unfortunate wives and numerous stage-struck research assistants.
If these words seem uncharitable in the context of an obituary, I am fortunate that The Daily Telegraph, unsurprisingly, was eager to publish them.”

(I come to bury him, not necessarily to praise him.)

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I agree with everything you’ve said.

I would point out though, that in my experience, over here in West Australia, no one under 60 reads an actual dead tree newspaper.

We have The West Australian for our own brand of home-grown hate everybody fish wrapper. Perth has the small advantage of being the only capitol city in Australia with no local Murdoch rag.


What he said about trans people was vile. But nowhere near the worst thing he has said.
Look up: Donald Friend Barry Humphries
From an easy to find source:

  • He goes on to describe the artist as resembling “a mischievous satyr” who, upon eventually returning to Australia, found that he had “fallen out of fashion and his benevolent form of paedophilia was less favourably regarded by the authorities”.
    What the hell is Benevolent Paedophilia?

Barry Humphries was a paedophile apologist.
Bury the bastard face down.


Was it the Australian Daily Telegraph, or the equally repellent UK paper of the same name - which although not owned by Murdoch[1] - appears to run the same heady mixture of hatred. What used to be a formidable paper filled with page after page of journalism, foreign coverage and deep investigations is now a screaming, shrieking monoculture of columnists who are permanently outraged that the World isn’t quite right wing enough/

[1] It is however owned by a billionaire called Frederick Barclay, who despite his great love for all things British and hatred of all things foreign - lives on the tax haven of Brecqhou which is close to - erm - France. Fingers crossed, Barclay might still have to go to jail because he was found to be in contempt of court over a divorce settlement involving a yacht. Everyday problems… not that you’d learn about it in the Daily Telegraph.


That dude was a laugh riot.

He certainly was, and nothing that you linked to or quoted suggests otherwise.

And David Duke was a gifted dancer.


Dude was a transphobe and a pedo apologist; it doesn’t matter if he was talented in any capacity - he wasn’t a good person.


Hopefully a face down burial.

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