Eddie Murphy's perfect Bill Cosby impersonation


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The curse words are censored, but not the N word.


Because it’s not considered offensive when black people say it?

Eddie Murphy (who apparently stopped aging 25 years ago)

must use fruits and berry moisturizer.


I just rewatched his 1983 stand up Delirious. It was like one of the most 80s things ever. Funny, though.


“I don’t want to go too far on Bill…”

No, please do.


Very glad Eddy didn’t take the impersonation all the way to the rapey stage.


For those interested, here’s the full 1h25m award show: https://video.gpb.org/video/mark-twain-prize-eddie-murphy-kennedy-center-mark-twain-prize/


That was perfect imitation of Bill Cosby’s “Brain Damage,” “Dentist,” “Chocolate Cake for Breakfast” phase.


Boy all those gay jokes sure didn’t age well.


Hey…remember the scandal when Eddie ‘gave a lift’ to a…I can’t even remember if she was a real prostitute or what, because compared to all the OTHER scandals, I stopped giving a rat’s ass about Eddie Murphy’s off-camera activities a long time ago. When was the last time the paparazzi hid in the bushes in front of his house?

Maybe he hasn’t aged because he hasn’t spent the last 25 years waiting for the other shoe to drop.


I like my analogy:

The N-word is a gun. Someone shows you the gun.

Racists point the gun at you then pull the trigger.

It’s a matter of context. Historians can use it. Black people can use it because they’re not using it as an insult.


Quote Richard Pryor, “Eddie, you tell Bill to have a Coke a smile and STFU!”


“Hannibal Buress, you gunky!”


A trans prostitute whose life ended at a tragically young age less than a year after the Eddie Murphy incident.


Oh, dang - that is a tragedy!


Never do they ever?


Also, we still let Mark Twain get away with it because, well, Mark Twain.


The copy of Huck Finn that I read had a foreword by Twain and he pretty much said while he didn’t like using the word but that it was how people of the day talked and if you feel uncomfortable about the language then he was doing his job right. Or basically yes you should be uncomfortable with it because that is the point.


Yes, exactly. Context is everything with that story. And you can read Twain’s opinions of the time to see he was pretty progressive for the day. Hell having slurs in a story like American History X or Blazing Saddles is also part of the context to drive home a larger point.