Lauren Boebert shames Christians for allowing the "stolen" election (video)

The fact that they’ve never found evidence of massive fraud is perfect for them-- they can insist it’s been covered up, or that they aren’t being allowed to do some deep “forensic audit” of voting machines and software, and so they can keep claiming it was stolen, forever.

I mean, they got an audit in Arizona, and it proved Biden won by slightly more votes than the original count. . . which to them only proves even more that an unpopular president who botched a pandemic, got impeached twice, lied so much fact-checkers couldn’t keep up, and constantly derided most of the population must’ve won.

“Lauren Boebert Shames Humanity By Existing.” - There, fixed it for you.


White Trash Barbie

sit on my face, and tell me that you love me…

Yes, I am replying to my own comment. My comment was dehumanizing. That is not right. I’ll leave it up to invite discussion. I guess Lauren Boebert denies her own humanity through her actions. Does that make it OK for me to pile on? Sometimes I like to think I’m better than that, but I suppose I’m not, really.

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