Lauren Boebert switches to redder district as reelection hopes fade in her current one

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I was wondering why she’d put a fellow whackadoodle out of a job, but it seems the current holder, Ken Buck, is resigning because he is no longer backing the big lie.


As usual, Republican Congresspeople see their constituents only as pawns in their quest for power. I doubt the ones like Boebert try to bother delivering anything beyond “owning the libs” to their districts.


If Boebert comes through the R primary with the nomination (not a foregone conclusion)… I think it’d be fun to organize a general election writein campaign for Ken Buck which’d peel off enough votes to give the seat to the D candidate


Amen to that. I’ll happily contribute what I can to help get rid of her.


Do unto others, then GTFO.





Even among conservatives inured to depravity through their love of Trump, it’s a lot to swallow.

I see what you did there.


Certainly a handy metaphor to have ready.


Her opponents in the “redder district” are gonna have fun with this. ex: “She did nothing for voters in the district where she will continue to reside. Do you think she’ll do anything for anyone in this district?”


I would be interested to know what her situation is in that regard. Going somewhere redder will presumably increase the percentage of the voters who will settle for owning the libs; but that doesn’t explain why someone with…baggage…would necessarily play well against some random who is willing to say more or less the same things but hasn’t yet been engulfed in scandal; or at least has stuck to scandal that is more widely recognized as their prerogative.

Is this just an optimistic attempt on her part? Is she in the situation of having a significant fan club at a national level but not so much a local electorate willing to actually vote for her? Is she the sort of candidate that does well with the really hardcore primary people, so fears a challenge from her own side less; but needs all the help they can get with the electorate generally?


I wonder how the residents of her old district feel about her abandoning them after having accomplished nothing but destroying their reputation?

I wonder if they’re willing to vote for a new nut job who just spawns themselves from her rubble with no notice?

I wonder if the Republicans in her new district are thrilled to have a candidate solely because she was getting so thoroughly trashed in her old District?

I wonder if the Democratic Candidate who phenomenally out-fundraised her in her old district would be willing to donate some of those funds to the Democratic opponent in her new district?


I feel like this underestimates how stupid her electorate is. I think the real conclusion is that she needs an even stupider populace.


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She knows she’ll sink if she runs in her home district. Her animal reaction is to rush to the “nearest” lifeboat – the redder district – and hope it doesn’t have any holes in it.


LOL a couple of things here. She’s trading a district that’s a vacation play land with skiing, Mountains and at least one casino town for a district that has, well nothing. There’s a real nice carousel in Burlington, and I guess there’s wheat farms, but it’s really nothing of interest, and definitely no money being thrown around in pork barrel projects. There’s even a few towns out that way that will pay you like $10,000 to move there, they need people so bad.

My father has lived in district 4 most of his Iife and is a staunch repub. he’s horrified that Vape Slut would represent him. He is the demographic out there and I bet that’s how they mostly quietly go.


I thought, as far as stupidity goes, she’s pretty much hit rock bottom, herself. But I continue to be amazed, so there’s that. 0_o


i think the party knows she’s got too much baggage to keep her current district. she won by less than 600 votes last time, and they thought it should have been an easy win*

in all likelihood, she was probably offered an ultimatum: win the primary in the new district and they’ll support her; run in the old and get no support at all

(* im pretty sure that was even after they gerrymandered it for her )


Do not underestimate the power of tits, guns and crosses to win republican votes in flatland Colorado - that and hatred. She could win in the 4th. But the fact that she almost lost on the western slope, where something well above 60% of voters ID as Republicans was an astounding failure for what should have been a shoo in election. So maybe she’ll lose in the 4th and that embarassment will be gone from Colorado’s representation.