Lawsuit claims killer cop Derek Chauvin received whites-only guard detail in jail

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[I wish this meme didn’t involve this objectively awesome person, but I like to think that she more than most has a healthy sense of humour about it]


So what you’re saying is because they’re persons of color, they can’t control themselves and do their job…?


Of all the racist shit involved in this story, this is disgusting in an absolutely novel way.


If I was the prosecuting attorney, I would use this as evidence of institutionalized racism being deeply entrenched within all involved departments and instruct the jury treat all testimony with suspicion, especially from the bench.


Evidence that guards are not under control.


Well, if that is the case I feel he should receive food prepared by minority-only staff; in particular, by Viola Davis from “The Help” if she is available. :moon_cake:


No, its that Chauvin is a white snowflake and would be traumatized by being under the supervision and authority of a Black person. Some things just ain’t right, apparently


Fear that minority groups will treat them as they have treated minorities.


I had a conversation with a kid in my class who was a proud racist back in high school. (We’re both white, and this was in the rural south in the late 80s.) He was very up-front about the belief that if white folks ever took their foot off the neck of nonwhites, they would of course rise up and Kill Whitey because of hundreds of years of living under people just like him.

No idea what became of him. But there are a ton of people who see this state of affairs as inevitable; the only question is who gets to hold the whip.


an evidence free fear of course.

black identity terrorism isn’t a thing, while white supremacist terrorism has been here from the start - and has actively infected not only the police force, but the military, and the white house.

it seems to me the more white men feel they might have to share power, the more violent they become. and despite everything that’s all that’s really being asked. to simply share.

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According to the officer in charge, it was allegedly because the poor guards might be traumatised by having to guard this cop.

Or because if anything happened to him while black guards were on duty, the guards would immediately be blamed, or…

well anything really but definitely not because they wanted to give the cop who killed a guy preferential treatment in any way, no, not at all…


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