Lawsuit: Louisiana police "beat and sodomized" innocent man

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Anytime you see resisting arrest charges with no initial charge or reason for the arrest, you can be assured you are dealing with police fuckary. When you see they held an innocent person for more than a month before dropping the falsified charges against them, you can be assured you are dealing with an entirely corrupt police department.


oh if only they beat and sodomized a guilty man!


Ho hum. Another day, another egregious police attack on a nonwhite citizen.


It’s worth noting that beating and sodomizing a guilty person in police custody isn’t acceptable either.


Well if you get caught at least… Oh and the unthinkable happens and you aren’t protected by the Thin Blue Line.

I grew up in North East Texas. Shreveport was 60 miles away, and had an 18yr drinking age, when TX had changed to 21. They had Hirsch Coliseum, that booked awesome bands.

We would drive over to get likkered up, watch Van Halen, Blue Oyster Cult, Foreigner, etc…

My dad told me “son, don’t go to Shreveport. BAD things happen there”

Of course dad was right.

everything about this story offends, but does not surprise me

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