Le Creuset silicone Cool Tool


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from the Le Creuset outlet store near the Cabazon Dinosaur attraction in California.

I bought mine from the Le Creuset cookware shop near the Louvre museum attraction in Paris.


And they keep my butt nice and warm on my cold aluminium bar stools

Personally, I think trivets made with scrap backsplash tile are cooler (npi).


I got mine free from some Amway guy. Best jar opener I ever had; I wonder where it went? But I wouldn’t use it as a potholder except, yknow, room temperature.

Worst potholders ever. :slight_smile:


I have a set of 4 silicone surface-protector/potholder/anti-skid mat/jar openers in various bright colors for $10 from Amazon. Work great, cost less, and there’s always enough to go around.

Any brand of these silicone things wash up great in the dishwasher, so they stay a lot cleaner than the old fabric potholders.

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