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I spend too much time saving a few cents scraping the bottom of jars. Still I’m too cheap to spend the $12 for another spatula.


Seconding this. The longer I live, the more I regret the time spent on both chasing minutae and collecting souvenirs of my bougie lifestyle. Let go, let fly.

I wonder how many scrapings before the cost of the scrapper is recouped. I suppose if you scrape caviar…

i got almost these same ones, all silicone, red, stainless skeleton, for only a few bucks at walmart. they are easy to clean, heat safe, dishwasher safe, and don’t have a wooden handle to go to shite.

they can be purchased more cheaply so just keep your eyes peeled if it is something you are interested in getting one.



Stay strong! You will never evolve a long, prehensile tongue that gets to the bottom of the jar if you wimp out and buy a spatula.

PS: that came out a bit Lamarkian but what the hell.


I am in your camp for the most part, i’m typically too cheap to be buying extra stuff like this but if anything it might be a good stocking stuffer to ask for if you were inclined to do so for shits and giggles during the xmas season. I’m kind of hard to shop for so i typically have a list with a range of gifts people can buy me from super cheap to expensive stuff.


I came here to post this. Great minds think alike!

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