Leaked: damning Scott Walker dark money docs that judge ordered destroyed


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I’d like to introduce and coin the phase “Orange Money”. Follow Trump’s Orange money and it will lead you to more dark places. Just say’n.


Wisconsin government Scott Walker flouted election laws

Auto-complete is not your friend.


I don’t think Scott Walker would disagree with Cory.


“dismissed the case and ordered all documents permanently destroyed”

To be clear, the order was changed, because obviously the documents were not destroyed. (And, can you order something to be temporarily destroyed?)


Begin the distribution of torches and pitchforks.

Seriously though, as in previous abuses of power, look for magnificent efforts at investigation & prosecution to be directed toward the leaker – for our safety.


I was looking for that and not finding it explicitly said. I get the impression somebody quietly sneaked them off to be leaked. (And thank dog for that, they deserve a medal!)

(But I’ve been wrong before!)


This is an outrage! To think the very judges responsible for trying Walker are bought with the very same money! Why, the Governor of Wisconsin should initiate impeachment hearings immediately!


And why would the documents be ordered destroyed in the first place?


“For: Because Scott Walker asked.”



Half the nation these days is entirely fine with using whatever means necessary to ensure their lasting tribal dominance and will ignore a litany of sins and crimes and infractions to keep it.

It’s gotta be the other half that holds them responsible, for their own good, for the nation’s good, and for the good of future generations.


Sometimes auto-correct is your fiend.


Required reading (or listening if you’re lazy, I mean, have a longish commute, ahem):


Why does Wisco keep electing this low wattage ding dong.


From the original article : “later that order was softened a little to a demand that the prosecutors
hand in all the documents to the court which would keep them secret
under seal.”


Because of the large number of campaign ads paid for with the dark money Walker the Wisconsin Club for Growth received, I would guess.


It’s easy to spot Trump Money, because it looks like it was handled by a child whose fingers were covered in cheeto dust.

"This is family entertainment, not a video nasty."


Must be something in the water.


Oh yes. Before his Blairness, who wanted lots of stuff pulped, we had the 30-year rule in the UK, and beyond that in exceptional cases up to the 100-year rule. It mean that even routine meeting minutes in the UK were always filed with the Public Records Office, but not opened for N years.

This meant you could be a politician of the day, and not have every e-mail either deleted or pored over and taken out of context. Example: Macmillan described and the Clean Air Act as a need to ‘look busy but do nothing’. 4000 people were dying a week at the height of the 1950’s smogs. They were so thick that people could not see their own feet. And yet, back in the day, that was how a lot of people though things just were. But the records were kept because history ought to belong to everyone. Thirty years meant the politicians in question got to keep their knighthoods, or whatever, so No Big Deal for them. And not really for us either, in the long term.

Now, since Our Tony had a lot to trash following the Second Gulf War, it’s has been just easier to delete the lot. And we call this the Freedom of Information Act, so it’s all about Freedom, right?

Yes, you totally ought to delete things temporarily. We won’t have any history other than the Official History, otherwise.