Leaked documents expose links between Trump’s commerce secretary and Putin’s son-in-law


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Putin has his hand in many pants.


Serious question: Is there ANYONE in that Administration who is more than two steps removed from Putin?








That brings up a related question, is there anyone in the global financial elite who is more than two steps removed from Putin?

There’s just not that many billionaires on the planet and they control a huge portion of global wealth, just by chance I’d expect a lot of overlapping interests.

Of course, there’s a real chance many of Trump’s appointees were largely chosen because of their links to Putin, and the exclusion of these companies from his divestment list raises some questions. Hopefully this is another thread for Mueller to pull on.


This stuff isn’t even news. It’s a given with the republican crime organization that owns America. News will be when we, the 99% can do anything about it. Breaking news will be when/if the trumpanzees wake up and realize that they’ve been duped and stuck in a zoo. The 1% laugh their asses off while the trapped population of America runs in circles looking for a way out. It would be funny in some dark comedic way if it weren’t for the hatred being generated to keep us fighting among ourselves instead of uniting against them.


Trump’s reply: “so what.”

Conservatives reaction: “good enough for us.”


Rachael Maddow covered this in February, around the time of Ross’ confirmation hearings if my memory is any good.


The president doesn’t even hide his contempt for ethics. Didn’t he ho so far as to disband the office of ethics? Ross is the most extreme example, but he has chosen many of the most corrupt Americans to fill his cabinet, and dared anybody to do anything about it.

And we haven’t.


OK, well, how does that work exactly? It’s not like there are other Commerce secretaries who can step in, and it’s not like “international shipping” won’t come up. So don’t let him use the term “recusal”, like he’s owed a gold star for trying not to be corrupt. Don’t let him imply the conflict arose from circumstances beyond his control. Say that he’s compromised, that there are whole industries the Commerce secretary can’t be trusted to deal with, and this was all known when he took the job.

You can’t “uncover” corruption if it was never covered in the first place. We’re not in the investigation phase here; the Turmp administration has always been corrupt as fuck by their own account. The question is who, if anyone, is going to do something about it.


Nobody is.



I thought the thumbnail was Wallace Shawn


It’s almost as if Putin chose the administration himself. Hmmmm…




You know you have a problem when the ‘solution’ involves the commerce secretary just recusing himself from matters that relate to international shipping. That never comes up in commerce.




Yeah, I thought this was a huge bombshell at the time, but the rest of the world ignored the story.