Leaked Facebook docs: weird censorship standards that protect "white men but not black children"


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/29/protected-categories.html


When racism happens in public — YOUR SILENCE IS VIOLENCE.”

Continued use of Facebook is complicity to their modus operandi , drop it like a hot potato.



Maybe they’ll update the system so you can heil comments.


Wow, so “black children” are fair game (because children are not protected), and therefore so must be “black adults” (because adults are surely not protected), so someone could say (I can hardly bring myself to type this out): “black children are rotten, and so are black adults”, and Facebook would consider this just fine.

In fact according to those guidelines someone could say “black people who are not named Andre Royo are rotten”, and this would pass muster because it is only a comment about a subset of a protected class, not about the protected class itself.

I agree with the commenter who said that to have an account on Facebook is to be complicit. I have never had one and never will.


Deja vu:


I do use it, mostly to keep up with family and friends. Though then again i suppose that’s the textbook definition of its use. However i do not play games, use apps that ask permissions, use FB to log into external websites and services, etc.

Given another choice i would be happy to ditch the site, but thus far the alternatives to be social have been Twitter (ew), and Tumblr/Snapchat/Instagram (no interest).


I guess headlining it as “Facebook rules protect black men but not white children” wouldn’t be quite as attention getting, although equally correct.



How about douchy, white, male CEOs? Are CEOs protected?


That’s a given.



It also wouldn’t replicate an actual internal Facebook document.


It’s just the kind of misguided policy I’d expect from techies getting together with lawyers. The Semantic Web is a wonderful thing, but the usefulness of rigid taxonomies rapidly diminishes when applied to problems like this.


OK that does it. Bye, Facebook! I onlly had you as an address book, but fuck you and your Henry VIIIth methods.

And Zuckerberg? He’s a shiny purple knob. I bet that’s not a PC.



You mean as in making up a scenario that meets the guidelines, instead of relaying the one in the materials? Facebook chose the scenario.


Ok, I know this isn’t the important part, but oh, the grammar:

Also, I deleted my Facebook account a couple years ago. I do not regret it.


Their logic does not resemble our Earth logic.


Wow, this really shows the scary complexity of our post-state world… Multi-national corporations impose their own ethical constraints with little deference to the will of their users, even at odds with the legal structures within the communities where those users access the service. Obviously it is in FB’s interest to develop its own internal system of judgement, but without proper due process and publicly-stated tenets, it is nothing more than a private tyranny. There will need a reckoning or these extra-state actors may at some point totally run amok.


I wasn’t paying attention when i skimmed through the materials but that’s pretty lol worthy.


What the fuck?