Leaked FBI memo warns banks of looming "unlimited ATM cashout"

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This is already fairly common in Europe. It is only a matter of time until it crosses the Atlantic.

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if you were a large bank maybe pay a security guard to sit there all night.

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if I were a large bank, I might even give a shit


I guess then you’re not going to be Wells Fargo then…


Given the number of ATMs we are talking about here that’s likely more expensive than getting scammed, especially if they have insurance.

I’d like to cash-out right now.


Is this a new scratch lottery? Scratch the keypad image and if the highlighted numbers match the pin shown above you win UNLIMITED ATM CASHOUT for life.

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Is it?

If so, is there any way to tell which ATM is about to have an ‘unlimited cashout’, like those people who claim they can tell when a fruit machine is ‘ready’ to pay out and will you pass on the secret?

The way you tell is be part of the Russian mafia. They will tell you to go to a particular ATM at 4:37am and interact with it in some way. Hundreds of people get the same instructions, so they all arrive at different ATMs at the same time and get the payouts simultaneously.

You get a cut of the take and send the rest back to the mafia bosses.



Hmm, a report which says a security company claims this has happened several times in various countries. The major manufacturer says it’s “not aware of the incidents mentioned”…

Who should we believe…?

Diebold is just trying to cover their asses. The attacks are real and have been going on for some time.

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