Leaked ICE forfeiture manual instructs agents to seize houses if they contain a phone implicated in crime


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/18/praetorian-guard.html


Why hasn’t ICE seized the entirety of Washington DC yet?

I bet the White House has a few nefarious phone users in there


also if you have a lot of weed in your house…


…smokin the grass…


The ICE crooks are not above planting a phone, or some drugs, or whatever in your house when they conduct their “search”. When law enforcement becomes the enemy of the people, what recourse do you have?



Sounds like it may be time to make some anonymous tips about large amounts of drugs in federal judge’s houses, congresscritters, and anyone else where they may not have their personal name on their land title (so as not to be easily searched by the general public).

I imagine that ICE may feel the heat after a few botched attempted property seizures of those who are very politically connected…


Yeah, the crazy thing about this (as the subheader says) is that it could have results in a SWAT raid, the home being seized, the kid being taken away, or any number of other insane consequences. And when they realized they were wrong, they might be as likely to double down as to admit the mistake. That kid needs to be taught not to talk to cops.


“We had to seize the neighborhood to save the neighborhood.”

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