Leaked Kremlin memos reveal plan to destabilize Ukraine

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Also water is wet. Russia has long been pissed that they didn’t get to keep Ukraine as a client state when the USSR split up and they got really upset when Ukraine started talking about joining the EU. Since then its been agitators in the outback and BUK launches crossing and recrossing the border with Russia.


Your post only really makes sense when I imagine it in the voice of comic book guy.


If they can fake audio and video, surely they can fake a Word document? This leak is totally plausible because of Russian character and ambition. But that really is confirmation bias by another name. How long will it be before no political information is above suspicion? Who will we trust then?


The Russians? “Facts do have a certain weight” - Victoria Nuland

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If true, terrible. Especially since Putin made such a great big deal out of Westphalian notions of sovereignty.

However, how on God’s green Earth can the Ukrainian security services confirm this document? Massive, massive obvious bias aside[1], I thought that the ‘confirmation’ thing is when the originating government admits that they are genuine. That’s how Boing Boing has used the term before.

[1] Imagine GRU authenticating leaked White House memos. People’d scoff so hard there might be injuries.

So stating widely known facts makes you a nazi now? Hows the weather in Moscow?

This marks the first time I’ve ever seen the ‘shill’ accusation have any merit whatsoever.


And, of course, they joined just to post that.


My point exactly. Normally, I always check, and ‘shills’ tend to have ages-long posting histories on all kinds of threads.

But this time… yeesh.


And your post doesn’t make any sense at all. Are you scoffing at the notion of the RF trying to destabilize Ukraine? At the notion that they or theirs launched the BUK that brought down MH17?


Neither. I was scoffing at the world weary snarkiness of the comment “water is wet”.
Surkov is a nebulous figure so any insights into his dealings is a genuine scoop.

Quite a revelation!

Well, at least Putin’s getting a small taste of his own medicine. Not that he’ll respond to it with anything other than his usual “whadyougonnadoaboudit?” gangster’s smirk.


I’ll repost this short documentary by the incredible Adam Curtis, that aired on Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, talking about Surkov’s avant-garde art background and focus on non-linear warfare, information warfare, and destabilization of the perception of reality.

Also, this incredible article by the Atlantic outlining the bizarre world surrounding Surkov, and the effect that it’s had on our current global political landscape - even though it’s from 2014.


Peter Pomerantsev’s writing needs more recognition. Here’s another one of his articles, about what that propagandized non-linear war looks like from ground level.


He’s also featured in Adam Curtis’s new film, Hypernormalisation, and in this short video he did for Charlie Brooker.

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Who the hell does Putin think he is? Nixon?!


I think we need reflect on the deeper relevance of this. Will instability in the region have any impact on Eurovision 2017


The wife and I are going to see Eurovision for the first time… but not in Kyiv for that reason ;(

Oh well.

I don’t know if Putin’s infatuation with Russia winning helps or hurts the situation, either.

Exactly what I was thinking (about the verification). As much as these documents make sense, I don’t think I can absolutely trust the party that benefits from their release, to be the ultimate judge of their authenticity.

I don’t think it is pedantic to say that they can confirm it based on their own intelligence which could conceivably be that their hacker-spies had previously exfiltrated the same documents from the original (or another) legitimate source so they already had copies of the same emails that they were confident were legit.

Whether you believe them to be truthful is a different, but obviously related, question.