Learn about adjustment layers and layer masks in Photoshop


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Do they have one on how to make hands look bigger?

Asking for a friend.

Edit: Very helpful channel. I hadn’t known about this simple distraction removal tool.


Another superb Photoshop tutorial channel is PiXimperfect.


arrrgh, he gives a bit of incorrect info in this. JPG files are not great choices for printing. for one, they are normally RGB, and most professional print shops prefer CMYK files to avoid any color shifting when the file is run through their system. also, JPG files tend to be low resolution because they are used for the web, and they will come out super grainy and pixellated when run on a high-resolution press. other than that, though, good info.


Phlearn sounds like a food or beverage in a cheesy sci fi.



Difficult, but you could desaturate orange tones relatively easily.

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