Learn how to wrap ten unusual shaped items


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/12/learn-how-to-wrap-ten-unusual.html


Less than half way through: “Ain’t nobody got time for this”


You might bookmark it for the day you give somebody a pentagonal gift. No, really. It could happen.


Aw… I thought this was how to make origami boxes. I am disappoint.

And btw, the secret is just use a gift bag (my ex’s go to method) or put it in a box and wrap it.


Double sided tape was my revelation. Looks cleaner but somehow seems too indulgent for regular use.


I also use the bookmark button to satisfy my urge to ‘keep useful stuff’. It conveniently tricks my brain into thinking the subject is ‘done’ and lets me forget it. Which is a lot better for my sanity than actually watching these ‘lifehacks’. :smiley:


Agreed. See also, cellophane-type paper (transparent, translucent, or opaque) tied with ribbon, the way you would a gift basket.


Adverbs. How do they work?




If this were the future of the Jetsons someone could invent Gift-Wrap in a Can that you sprayed on unusually shaped gifts to quickly and easily “wrap” them. Kind of like Spider-Man’s webbing.

Or I guess you could go with spray paint, but that seems a bit too messy and permanent.

Instead, here’s some Jetsons wrapping paper:



The trick is to convert unusual shaped items into cuboids first, then wrap them.
With the proper set of tools, easy as cake.


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