Learn the art of hand-pulling noodles by two masters


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Now I’m really hungry.


Look, unless the video comes with a complimentary bowl of steaming noodles, watching the video is merely going to be an exercise in disappointment and hunger.


In case anyone’s interested, there’s a restaurant in Brussels that has its own noodle making lady, working all day near the shop window. It’s called Au Bon Bol (the good cup) and it’s in a dark alley near Bourse.
I once tried to draw her 10 years ago… :blush:

(it’s not very good, I know :wink:)


I know, and it’s not even time for breakfast yet.

Man, that roast duck over cut noodles looks good. It all looks so good.


I learned to hand-pull my noodle as a teenager.


The difference here is, nobody is willing to pay to see you do that, even if you have invested a lifetime of practice and mastered your craft.


The Japanese guy talks too much shit, I had to stop watching.


The Kung Fu Panda DVD extras had a video about noodle making that I watched super often with my kids when they were young.

I was inspired enough to try making noodles at home. they were edible, but not an unqualified success


But were you able to pull off 120 noodles at the same time?


Not noodles, but it made me think of this.


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