Learn to speak like a New York City subway conductor


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I always thought adults spoke in that special wa wa waa wa wa language from the Peanuts movies.
Learned a ton of curse words in wa wa waa as a child.





came here to rerrr arrarer rrrrirrarrer!


Recently overheard on a DC Metro train: a young woman was traveling with her parents. After a typically indistinct announcement at each stop, they were debarking. The father, somewhat concerned, asked what the driver had been saying.
The daughter replied, “He was announcing the name of the line - This is the Silver Line train.”
“Oh,” said the father, in obvious relief. "I thought there was some controversy and he was saying - “This is a civilized train!”


Reminds me of that old Cosby (ugggh!) skit involving taking the drunks down to the bus station and having them announce where the buses were going. “Habersack, Reebersobersak, and North Breeherhaben”. Or something to that effect. Haven’t been able to bring myself to listen since he was outed as a rapist-predator-douchebag-extraordinaire, but so many of his skits are permanently etched into my brain.


On UK trains I was frequently bothered by a Nazi Service Trolley passing through the carriages supplying comestibles to passengers whilst at seat.


It’s actually gotten a lot better. I remember in the 70’s, when the subways were always doing mysterious things (stopping in tunnels, turning into express trains and skipping stops, etc), a voice would come on to “explain” – a voice that was best described as Donald Duck having a heart attack. It would have been funny were we not all really anxious to know what the hell was going on. Good times.


Take the Z train.


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