Learn virtually anything with lifetime access to this huge education library

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Learn virtually anything …

Available information about this … thing:

Categories include: Animation & 3D, Audio, Bundles, Business Applications, CAD, Certification, Databases, Game Design & Development, Graphics & Page Layout, Internet & Web Design, Multimedia & Video, Networking & Security, Operating Systems, Programming, and Project Management

The headline writer has an odd idea of “virtually anything”.


Just how long is a lifetime?

For a small(ish) one-off fee, I’ll sell you a lifetime course that, when completed, will give you the answer.

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What a joke (for autodesk software at least). Currently using Revit, Inventor & of course good 'ol Acad at work versions 2016 - 2018 (looking soon to 2019…)
They have on offer cutting edge courses for (some) versions 2005 - 2013! Wow!

I bought this the last time the offer was made. It has a moderate collection of IT-related training courses with a large percentage aging rapidly, but it is a good library to have around if you can’t access Lynda or Pluralsight free through something like a library or other membership.

If I’m lucky it will stay around long enough for me to get my effective course price down below $10 each.


Have you taken any of the Web design or graphics courses? If so, what did you think of them? I think those are the areas of study that are tempting me the most.

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