Learning While Brown

The woman who called the cops on them may not even understand that she racially profiled them. Good intentions are useless if people won’t confront their own ingrained prejudices that lead them to misinterpret the world around them.


The shirt Thomas was wearing on the tour had an image for Cattle Decapitation, a death metal band that opposes animal cruelty, he said. Lloyd’s shirt featured the symbol of another death metal band, Archspire.

Musically profiled as well.


Yeah, I saw this BS. White Fear rules the day, yet again.




Is that a thing? I mean, I guess it’s a thing, given the punk panic of the 80s and the satanic metal suicide trials, too.


I read the article a few times and I don’t get the sense that she thought they were terrorists or something. Just freeloaders.

I put myself in the shoes of someone who is looking at potential freeloaders, and I don’t call the police. Who cares? Assuming I am picking up the right vibes, there’s some classism mixed in here too, seems like.

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OMG! Call the SWAT team and National Guard!

(A representative sample.)

University tour freeloaders are a problem in Colorado?


Eh. Not really, I was kinda joking.

What I love about this is that the heavy metal ethos is to grind people’s gears, and get a reaction out of them.

Mission Accomplished.

Sucks for the kids, though.


I don’t get the sense that if they had looked like the other “ordinary” white kids who were there, she would’ve called the cops.


Fear of the wrong sort of people going to college is also fear.


At least she had the good sense to know she was being “completely ridiculous” and “completely paranoid”. The bigger problem isn’t one person’s possible profiling, but the degree to which the country has moved into a constant state of fear, especially on school campuses.

You’re actually probably right. If they had been white kids in those shirts she likely wouldn’t have called, but based on the transcript I’ll bet that if these same kids were in shirts without the scary culty stuff on them she also wouldn’t have called.


OMG that is so adorable!

Which makes it worse. She was willing to endanger the lives of teenagers in order to protect the sanctity of…what? Free biscuits?

Calling the police on a PoC in America results in the creation of a severe threat to the life and liberty of that person. Regardless of whether or not they’ve committed any crimes.

This is particularly the case for Native Americans:


Well, it’s both, but that starts with individual choices.

Quite possibly. And that’s what racial profiling is, treating someone differently under the same circumstances than someone of another perceived race.

Again, my point isn’t to demonize the women, it’s to point out that giving into prejudicial fear is what causes harm. And while white supremacists are a lost cause, mainstream people who don’t want to be racist have an opportunity in situations like this to check themselves and not give in to the constant fear.


Also, if they’d have been friendlier with he lady she might not have called. (We don’t know for sure)

We’re pretty sure racial prejudice is a factor.

Yep. I think we’re all on board with that idea, we’re just speculating what other kinds of prejudice and idiocy are involved.


Sleeping while brown:


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