Leather eye patches


Perfect for the space-faring mafia leader lizard in your life.

I wouldn’t say you have to lose an eye first, but it does enhance the quality of the eyepatch experience.

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An eyepatch is useful for preserving night vision adaptation. See the Mythbusters pirate special, where they tested it.

See also the use in military, before technology replaced it with expensive electronics.

And also,

I, for myself, am curious if this could be coupled with some display and optics, for an augmented-reality style display. Or just to hide a camera in the eye itself, making its pupil from a smooth polished IR-transparent “black” plastic.

A pretty badass thing would be putting a very flat display-optics in front, so the covered eye can see it, and feeding it with signal from e.g. FLiR One sensor built in the eye. Voila, actual functional dragon-like thermal vision. The challenge is pretty much only how to make the assembly flat enough.

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