Real-life eyeshine surgery trial




Wow, this headline is even more distorted than the earlier one:


Just wait until you see the next one:

This Man’s Eyes Drank Magic Science Water. You Won’t Believe The Super Power He Has Now!


“A no-light environment,” huh? So his eyes are now able to detect shapes through a means other than light?


I don’t really get the journalistic obsession with leashing perfectly interesting discoveries to something, anything, from a sci-fi/fantasy movie. Like when somebody had a prototype of a sort-of invisibility cloak a few years back, and the press all tripped over each other rushing to name-drop Harry Potter, who apparently invented invisibility.


Yeah, why not call it like it really is:



I’m not the only person to ever do Riddick’s eyes but I’m pretty sure I did these.


First of all, this is not even remotely related to Riddick. Secondly, there was no SURGERY involved (temptation to use name calling describing writer’s IQ here–instinct suppressed). Third, anyone that ugly has nothing to lose so why not become a freak test subject?


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