Leaving kids in front of screens unsupervised for hours may have unpleasant consequences, parents learn

Within walking distance of my apartment, there are…

Nearly a dozen sushi restaurants.
Three Indian restaurants.
Two Greek restaurants.
At least three Chinese restaurants.
Two Mexican restaurants.
As well as Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Lebanese, and maybe more I haven’t seen.

Nearly all of them deliver. If I didn’t have dental surgery yesterday, I would order some to celebrate diversity.


Oh, it gets worse! I hear they are putting sata…Alt-Right messages in their videos you can only hear by playing them backwards. Subliminal, d’you see. Oh, it’s terrible. Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children. Quick! Put them into bottles of Clenlinol.

Jesus. My generation’s old enough to have its own moral panic. I’ve never felt so old.

Not only is the general form of this—and I use the word loosely—the same as for everything else (as @redesigned pointed out), the specific one here is piffle. By odd accident I have watched the majority of JonTron’s videos quite a while back and I can assure you that his political views haven’t slipped in the narrative even once. So much so that I was quite, quite surprised when this all broke out.

His father is Iranian and what Iranians are… rather shows how silly the American concept of ‘race’ is. They are dark skinned but so’s a lot of Southern Europe, of course. Matter of interpretation, I guess.

Anyway, racism’s equal-opportunity. Anyone can be racist. Isn’t that wonderful? /s

To be honest that’s a poverty thing. I mean if you look at 14th century cookbooks (I have weird hobbies) you’ll see that the medieval English had spice-racks that were at damn near foodie-levels (they also treated sugar as a spice, but we’ll leave that one be). The Great Impoverishing of the lower strata of society 'round about the Enclosure Act certainly put a stop to that, however.


Except when have you ever seen an adolescent with any kind of power? Caligula maybe? Little Lord Fauntleroy?




Bit surprised too. I mean, not with the opinions, per se. Lots of people have opinions I don’t like. But rather I don’t really recall these sort of opinions coming to the surface in jokes and the like. Maybe there were some which were so innocuous my brain didn’t flag them initially, but I don’t recall anything like the recent Pewdiepie debaucle.

Of course this reminds me one can enjoy someone’s work, even though they are horrible people, done bad things, or just have backwards opinions.

“Immigrants. Aren’t we all?”

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Except when have you ever seen an adolescent with any kind of power? Caligula maybe? Little Lord Fauntleroy?

That’s a good blog post, Anthony … a real good blog post …


Oh, I totally got this one. 15-year-old King Charles XII of Sweden!


Huh, turns out it’s about ethics white supremacy in gaming journalism culture.


Nope… can’t possible be true unless you got some hard data to back that up! /s


Just looking at the title I was going to state how I was literally raised by a tv and that hours of watching GEM, different strokes, baby I’m back, etc. I turned out pretty good. And since my kids are in school 10hrs a day I let them watch as much TV as they want…Then I read the article…yeah this shit is real, I game a lot and watch gaming videos and the shit that comes out of these kids mouths is like woaaah, grow up a little, go experience life first, you aren’t racist just stupid. Hey kid stop saying the N word because your white (as they pronounce it nigguh (throaty) for some reason) then they reply ‘how do you know I’m white?’ Because you just responded…Yeah screen watching is getting out of hand, how many of us went to youtube for fixing a noisy fridge and ended up watching homeless men fighting with midget cats while humming Yanni?

I also just realized that in our time the equivalent to these gaming video host did exist. I used to go over this guy’s house (white) , two different guys actually, and they both were older and had all the games from Tandy, to colleco, Nintendo, Atari, intellivision…and one of them use to play with himself while watching a 8bit porn on colleco vision…I just realized this now HOLY SHIT…that was my first exposure to porn…what the fuggg…the other guy had a house full of roaches and acted like they weren’t there. My last time there was when one fell on my head, I never went back even though he had 100’s of games. Wooo I said a lot…


Still speculation but some suspected Aren’s girlfriend (who also does youtube) was just Yoko Ono-ing the whole game grumps hang, and since Jon couldn’t tell Aren it’s me or her, he bowed out and Danny took up the controller in his stead. Having seen some of the videos she and Aren were in together (cringe) this seems plausible to me, though I don’t really know either.

I literally don’t care about or even really know who any of these people are or what they do…

but for gods sake leave Yoko Ono out of this. She didn’t fucking break up the Beatles.


You don’t innoculate your kids against being racist assholes by depriving them of media.

You do it by making sure they are critical of their media.

And knowing JonTron lives here in new york makes me want to tell him to go to a city that WASN’T built on the backs of generations of immigrants and the castoffs of other countries.


That’s where the “unsupervised” part of the warning comes in.


I would kill for a lángos or hortobágyi palacsinta right now.


Is this all ‘the back seat of the school bus’ for the kids with helicopter parents who drop them off at school?

My experience is that the kid on the bus who was a troll, is now a grown up troll. The internet has connected them, not made them powerful, just blown a little on their egoes.

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Sounds like a very lonely person to me, wishing there were more of him in his life, not more people in his life.

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Sure, but there’s always going to be times in a child’s life when they consume media unsupervised by a parent - unless that parent is somehow executing some perfect Orwellian nonsense. You can’t watch everything your kid watches. And these seem “innocent” on the surface (just gaming vids).

I mean, with any luck, my kid will be watching vids from folks like Campster, Extra Credits, Innuendo Studios, Noel Gervais, and Hbomberguy, but I appreciate that GameGrumps and their ilk has more SHINY COLORS AND CARTOONS.

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3 if you count the cardamom in their baked goods.


me too, now that you mention it. arse.