LeBron James joins fight to liberate Taco Tuesday

Originally published at: LeBron James joins fight to liberate Taco Tuesday | Boing Boing

I’m fine with the idea of allowing anyone to use “Taco Tuesday” I just wish Taco Bell wasn’t doing it as part of a marketing campaign.

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The reason they are doing it is so they can market it. They and LeBron want to monetize Taco Tuesdays.

I think Taco bell putting a campaign around it is totally fair. Might be a bit icky but the whole purpose of getting it un-trademarked is so people can make money off of it, including Taco Bell. And taking the opportunity to do some commercials around the whole fight if anything is delicious because it reads like a “fuck you” to Taco Johns.


I am with you and I share the video because its fun – but its also not philanthropic.

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Agreed! Taco Bell obviously isn’t doing this out of the kindness of its corporate personhood heart, but if the result is that local and smaller restaurants and food trucks across the country can use Taco Tuesday to promote themselves, at the expense of Taco Bell also doing so, I and I bet most of them are cool with that.

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