Mexico markets Trump themed tp, proceeds help migrants


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At first I was thinking this would be printed with an outline of Trump’s head on the paper itself. But then I realized it would be risky to let him that close to the groin area.


I was thinking about a similar campaign utilizing diapers. You know, 'cause all that leaking.


Es blanco, es fofo, y la mierda se pega. ¡Ahora tu culo se siente un millón!

Pero en serio, where do I buy this stuff so I can leave it in my in-laws’ bathroom?



From anger he went on to creativity. Antonio Battaglia, a Guanajuato lawyer, will sell the toilet paper ‘Trump’ by the end of the year, while leaving a portion of the proceeds to support migrants and their deported compatriots.

The offensive tone used by Donald Trump when referring to Mexicans during his campaign days heading for the United States presidency motivated Battaglia, who sought to generate a message to make it clear that Mexicans are not “Bad Men”, as he called them American.

“It caused me a nuisance and I started looking for a way to do something that had an impact, not in a tone of mockery or bad revenge, but in a positive way,” he said in an interview with Expansión.


Didn’t Trump go after similar trademarks (like 80 of them) that used his name in China and won.That was a welcome decision among those who work in the patent and copyright fields. I don’t think that trademark is going to protect you if you also use the Trump likeness and disparage the Trump brand because it’s toilet paper. One of the Gallo brothers was prevented from using his own name on cheese he made by his brothers in the wine business. .- Don’t know though, not a lawyer.


Yes. But let’s not forget the gut-gas explosions and the continual outflow of diarrheic shit constantly issuing from Trump’s mouth. There’s that also.





So what do we think the penalty will be if you are caught trying to bring it back into the US?


Perfect for this year’s haunted house!


Nope, way too scary. I draw the line at toilet paper printed with, “By the time you finish reading this, you and your whole family will be dead.”


I did rather feel that the Trump Pence campaign never really did as much as they could have with those TP initials…


¿Cómo puedo comprarlo en los EEUU?



Also perfect for this year’s chili cook off.



I’m betting that any place with a significant Mexican population will have this stuff if it actually goes to market.

I’ll pick up a case of it for the house!


I haven’t laughed so hard since I got my Limbaugh TP roll. It’d go great next to my Trump butt-plug.


I have some of that TP and it chafes my ass almost as much as Drumpf does!