Only Mexico City has the cojones for the Trump/They Live Billboard!


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I bought the T-shirt when it was discussed here. I’m a little bit afraid to wear it in the Midwest now, mostly because I don’t want to have to explain it to every other person who reads my t-shirt.


I came here to buy billboard space and kick ass.

And I’m all out of billboard space.


Half the fun about art like this is the back story. Thanks for sharing an artist’s adventure in advertising. May the art live on!

¡Viva México!


Shoulda named the “Love Donald Trump” company.


Here, put these glasses on…


Jeez, the Mexicans and the Canadians are making fun of us now…


To be fair they have always done that… it is just so much easier now…


These billboard companies don’t have to be told by the President or his secret police to censor anything, they do it instinctively. So much more efficient that way.


I’m not the only one who saw the first photo and thought, “Steve Bannon on a scooter”, right?


What amazes me is… every single company? What the hell are they afraid of? Trump’s going to make the FCC’s take away their billboard license?


ole’ mi amigo…


And yet, billboard companies in the u.s. weren’t afraid of posting obama/hitler reference billboards. Double standard much? Geez.


Well, yeah. White Supremacy.


I grew up in Wichita, and the movie was pretty popular among white people with whom I had attended school, so I’m surprised it doesn’t have the same reach among the sons and daughters of these people that movies like Dirty Dancing or Nightmare on Elm Street does.


¡Hola, amigos from the north! ¿How are you enjoying your freedom?

EDIT: Actually I just realized that down here journalists keep disappearing, so not so funny now.


Couldn’t resist.

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