Legendary jazz singer Al Jarreau, 76, passes away


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ahhh… that was my favorite tune of his. Here’s the official music video, I enjoyed how he (deliberately for style reasons in the scope of the vid, I presume) never makes eye contact.


Sigh… Bye bye Al.

Yes, still one of my favorite series ever…




Such a wonderful unique musician.



We’ve lost a national treasure.


RIP, Al Jarreau - and Godspeed! Jarreau was a musical genius!

Here’s a a really nice duet with Al and Norwegian jazz singer, Silje Nergaard.


What an amazing performer. Thw guy becomes a nexus, taking influences from present and past, near and far, and pointing toward future performers. From Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Sammy Davis, Jr., Miriam Makeba, Quincy Jones, to Michael Jackson, Bobby McFerrin and on, you can find it all intersecting through this man.

So long and thank you, Al Jarreau .


Al Jarreau covers Elton John



Gotcha covered:


When I was an angry young man, this song came out and I was deeply offended by it’s inoffensiveness. Sometime between then and now I realized I was digging it every time I heard it in a supermarket or big-box store. Such an incredible voice.

Edited to add: You wouldn’t download a car, would you @milliefink?


What the hell, I’m giving this a like just for the good effort.


Please send me one of your favorite inspiring quotations so that in return, I too can point out the obvious: that when applied in inappropriate contexts, exceptions to it can be found.


On a daily basis, I find this the most inspiring and useful quote:

“Miss Hoover, I ate my red crayon.” - Ralph Wiggum



Not “I bent my wookiee”?


“Once you discover you can, then you must” – Al Jarreau