Music: "Here I Am (Come and Take Me)," Al Green (1974)


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I had another reading comprehension fail and thought you were posting this tune.


Hahaha! This does exist in my playlist. I’d say I generally hear this once or twice on an LA/SF road trip.

They really liked Jaguar. They were good looking cars for the time, but for the older motors enthusiast?


The Jag part struck me as well, I had completely forgotten about that part of the video :smile:

(Plus, they aren’t green)

Happy weekend!!


What happened to his arm, I wondered?


He told her to take the hand. She did.


Don’t think i’ve ever seen a non-lipsynch performance on the Train. Excellent.

No, wait, there was a Paul’s Boutique era Beastie Boys one. still, quite rare.


There is a “Living For You” clip from later in the show, and Al says that he fractured his arm in Milwaukee, implying he was mobbed as he was trying to get into a car. He says the cast is coming off the following day.


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