Lego Minimoog Synthesizers kits

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Whew! Finally a Moog I can afford!


It took me a minute to figure out how they did the black key layout correctly. BRILLIANT.


I live close to Asheville and next time we go for a weekend, we’re taking the tour of the factory… I suspect we’ll come away with at least one piece of gear, because MOOG!!!

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I’m the creator of the LEGO Moogs. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to tour the Moog factory! I should send them one of my prototypes, maybe they’d display it somewhere in their offices.


Thanks for dropping in!

Hey thanks Geekman. Yeah, I alternated 3-prong hinges with 2-prong hinges, and they’re oriented 90 degrees differently from each other. Used a jumper tile to offset them the correct distance relative to the white grille “keys”.
Anyway, glad you like the model, and I’ve got a Moog Modular debuting on the Lego site in a few days. You can see it on my Flickr right here:

I really hope I can also get you to vote for the Minimoogs here:

You can register a junk or spam email with Lego if you wish… All they do is send you a weekly update on projects you’ve voted for, and you can opt out easily.

Andy Grobengieser

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Thrilled and flattered that you wrote it up!!!

I’ve got two other major projects. A prism and spectrum:

and a Moog modular synth that isn’t up for voting just yet but is displayed on Flickr here: (I’ll update this comment when the voting link is live)


I bet they would and you should head to Asheville one day! it’s worth going just to visit Asheville and the moog factory is just the icing on the cake, really:

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