The Moogseum is a museum that "brings synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog's legacy to life"

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Unfortunately Moog used to have a made in America and part worker owned boutique brand but they were bought out.

Enshittification intensifies.


For what it’s worth, the Moogseum is run by the Bob Moog Foundation, which “is not associated with the manufacturer Moog Music, Inc”.


I live less than a mile from both the Moog factory and the Moogseum.
It was mentioned that Moog was bought out recentlyby inMusic, that’s true. inMusic made the promise to keep employees on, only to wait a few months and layoff most of them to a skeleton crew. It’s likely that the remaining employees will be kept on until the on-hand parts are depleted to manufacture the remaining items. Operations will likely be moved overseas and cheap products are likely to be produced. This is expected because every company inMusic has purchased has done the same thing.

So, if you’re in the market for a Moog, stick with one from ebay, reverb or someone else. Don’t buy new and support this garbage company who is trashing the Moog name and reputation.

The Moogseum is fun though. It’s $8 for entry, and you get to play with a variety of synths and other things including a theremin. It is a completely separate entity from the Moog company, run by the Bob Moog foundation.


Agreed. Cool museum. My son and I ducked in expecting to just give it a quick once over, but spent hours in the tiny museum. Well worth a visit.


What? No mention of the late, great Keith Emerson?
Keith and Rick Wakeman were test pilots for Bob Moog at one point.


Very much so. This from the MOOG site re KE: Through his enduring friendship with Bob Moog, his pioneering use of the Moog Modular and his lifetime of creative collaborations with Moog Music, Keith’s fingerprints are on the very DNA of electronic synthesized sound. We can say for certain, that our company would not be where it is today without Keith’s prophetic contributions.

Also, my understanding from way back was that KE’s requested need for in-performance pitch-changing led to the introduction of the pitch-bender aka pitch-wheel.


That’s a lovely wee tribute to Keith from the Moog people. I know people sneer at Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and say they were pompous and over-blown, but that’s what I love most about their music.

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I strongly suspect that at least one sneering pompous music critic listened to them as their guilty pleasure.

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