Max Ravitz (aka Patricia) creates synth music in his garden

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You lot, once times are more normal, I highly recommend going to Asheville, and going on a tour of the Moog factory! It’s free and very enlightening!


Meh, that is basically a Moog commercial.

I know a lot of synth-heads who enjoy Moog commercials. I do.


True, people seem to love them. I never quite understood what makes them so special, though.

This commercial, however, is made to look like someone just happened to play a session on their garden, and I don’t like misleading people like that. I mean, I find the music boring, too, but that is not the point.

Do tell.

Well, it’s free, as in you don’t pay any money… and you get to go through the factory behind the store front and see the employees putting together synths. It’s fun to see entire massive shelves of Grandmothers and classic reproductions of older Moogs. They even take you back to the studio they have (though when we were there, it was sort of chaotic since they’d just gotten back from the Moogfest).

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